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Please take the teensy, weensy, bit of time it takes to watch this video. It was recorded about 60 years ago, and describes why what is going on right now in America is going on, and what we can expect to happen in the near future as this anarchy continues to creep beyond urban areas and into the suburbs. If you’re not sure why all this is happening, and where it is all leading, watch this video.

None of this is really about racism. It never has been. It's really about freedom and whether Americans can or will enjoy it any more. This is something, our response to which, will decide whether our children and grandchildren will live free or not. This is about communists following a long pursued agenda to overthrow this country as it has overthrown so many others. Everything in this video at the time it was made was labeled as a “conspiracy theory” and the speaker as a “conspiracy theorist.” But it wasn’t and he wasn’t. The message in this video is nothing but plain, unadulterated, founded-in-fact, truth presented in black and white, which we are now seeing acted out in living color just as described in this video.

In a few months time we will either find ourselves in one of two positions: (1) we will have a few more years of freedom to try and regain and preserve whatever freedom we can, or (2) We will, with the coming to power of the Democratic Party, be under the control, and at the mercy of, the same people who have bankrupted every state and city they control. The same party members who have gotten drunker and drunker on power and increasingly tyrannized the people whom thaws were supposed to be serving. and is empowering and encouraging those who are burning, looting, desecrating and terrorizing America’s cities and citizenry. If this latter (#2) happens, there will be no going back. This isn’t just some “conspiracy theory.” It’s stone, cold fact. (Please share this in as many ways and with as many people as you can. also subscribe by clicking on the button above).

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