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After nearly 50 years of full time ministry as a pastor, I'm thankful to still remain busy preaching around the country in Bible conferences and revival meetings, etc. But my ministry now, for the past two years has included the presentation of truth via social media. This has been and continues to be exciting and encouraging. My website, is now receiving thousands of visits every month. I'm very grateful for this and any other support that may come my way as I continue this work of trying to communicate truth relative to a variety of subjects. I think people are thirstier than ever for truth that will make them think, and help them think, about a myriad of things that are significant to their lives.

Here's a special announcement: I often receive private messages sharing thoughts and asking questions on topics relative to things spiritual, political, personal, etc., etc., etc. With this in mind, I'm going to be discussing many of these issues by way of short video posts. I hope as many as would like to ask a question or offer some subject matter to be discussed will message or email me. The names of those who ask a question, etc. will, of course, be kept anonymous. I think this can and will be a profitable and enjoyable experience as we deal with all kinds of issues within the context of truth. So, jump right in, as soon as you can, as often as you care to, with anything you would like discussed.

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