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President Trump has hands down, and easily verifiably, accomplished more in three years that is significant to the well being of our country and putting America and Americans first than at least two-thirds of our former Presidents combined ever accomplished. He has stood more openly and practically in the defense of religious liberty than any president since James Madison. And he has done all this while under fierce and incessant opposition by leftists in government and the media. Nevertheless many Americans, in and out of public office who claim to be Republicans, conservatives, etc. say that they'll not be supporting him in this year’s election because they simply, “Don’t like his tone.”

Let’s assume you're driving toward a bridge suspended hundreds of feet above a ravine, and the bridge is broken down. A policeman races alongside you screaming a warning to you, but you don’t like his “tone;” so, sniffing your disapproval of his “tone,” you put your pedal to the metal. Suppose you’re clinging by your fingertips to the edge of a cliff hundreds of feet above a rocky ravine, and a man rappels down to you and tells you to slip into the harness he’s brought to lift you to safety. Even as your grip loosens you say, “Get lost, I don’t like your tone.” Let’s say the upstairs of your house is engulfed in flames, and you and your family are pressed against a window. Firemen appear at the window with a ladder and begin shouting instructions that are vital to your rescue. Indignantly you say, “Only if you change your “tone.” Do any of the these scenarios make sense or constitute anything other than the essence of idiocy? Answer: “No." And yet, some people are saying they won't vote for Donald Trump this November because they don't like his “tone.”

I think people who’ve decided not to vote for Trump because they disapprove of his tone, his tweets, or the way he talks to certain people might want to give more thought to this between now and November. Americans have had a trial run living life under incompetent, drunk-on-power mayors and governors. They've experienced being jerked around by elitist professionals and experts. They have lost jobs and businesses because of politicians and "experts" who've demonstrated again and again that they don’t know what they’re doing other than enjoying the public limelight for awhile. Americans have had a sample of socialist/communist style micromanagement that dictates everything from when they must wear a face-mask to when they may take a walk. The question is, “Is President Trump’s tone worse than living life under senseless tyranny?

Here's some suggestions for those who find President Trump's "tone" reason enough not to vote for him that will help them prepare for life after Trump under Democratic Party governance: Spend one to three weeks in Venezuela, and see how you like the taste of garbage, and house pets. Keep watching what BLM and ANTIFA are doing unhindered by Democrat mayors and governors. Get used to unexpected company in the form of street thugs who are going to institute an open-door policy in your neighborhood. Think about how you, your wife, children and other loved ones are going to deal with this. How do you think you’re going to like the influence of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Chuck Shumer, Jerry Nadler, Joe Biden, Colin Kapernick, Labron James and Al Sharpton over your life?

You may not like President Trump’s tone, or the fact that he doesn’t always handle people gently who lie, try to destroy our country, encourage public lawlessness and try to illegitimately impeach him etc. But I have an educated hunch that his tone will be music to your ears compared with what’s ahead without him in the Oval office.

Trump probably won’t be changing his tone whether he wins or loses in November, but there will be multiplied millions of Trump haters, Never-Trumpers, socialist sympathizers, WOKES, Social Justice Warriors, blinded BLM followers and assorted Snowflakes who’ll be changing their tone and tune within weeks or months if he loses. It will be the end of America as we’ve know it – the end of the freest, most prosperous, non-racist and beautiful nation ever to exist on planet earth.

You don’t like president Trumps tone? How do you think you’ll like life for yourself and your family under socialist/communist tyranny?

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