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“The joy of our heart is ceased; our dance is turned into mourning. The crown is fallen from our head: woe unto us, that we have sinned!”

—Lam. 5:15, 16

This is pitifully sad. A real example of too little too late. The common people in England have a warning for the common people in America. It’s probably too late for the English; they’ve already been disarmed (This video was filmed in 2013, and since then, things have only gotten more oppressive for them). But, it may not be too late for us.

It may be too late for us, but we have now seen the reprehensible lengths to which government is willing to go to side with the thug victimizers of ordinary law-abiding Americans. We’ve seen how readily they will use any crisis they can create or capitalize on to reduce Americans to little more than bondslaves: i.e. “Wear this,” “Take that off;” “You must take this, You can’t have that;” “Stand here, but you can’t go there,” It okay to have thousands of people in an "autonomous zone," but not at a political rally; you can't go to church, but you can go to an abofrtion clinic or bar." etc., etc. etc. We're now aware that almost all mainstream and social media is in collusion with the Democrat Party against, beginning with our President, all pro-American values and interests, .

It’s a positive thing that we are being brutally exposed to how treacherous our government is and can be, especially when it is dominated by Democrats. It’s a positive thing to be made aware of how disingenuous, untrustworthy, gutless and willing to cow tow to Democrats and the BLM/ANTIFA type mob many Republicans – even the so-called“ conservative” ones – are; willing to sell out the vast majority of Americans to the demands of no more than 3% who have openly declared their desire to topple not only our monuments, but our country and our future as a free people. It’s good to be shed of all allusion as to where these politicians stand and who they stand with.

It may be too late for us. Bad things are happening very quickly. And many ordinarily sensible people have lost touch with reality and common sense; overreacting to hyped-up, false scare tactics relative to a strain of flu and under-reacting to despotic government attempts to strip them of all their rights. But, we haven’t been entirely disarmed yet. We’re being herded and plodded, but we’re not in the slaughtering pens yet.

We still have enough of our freedom to enable us to stay free if we want to badly enough, but the window of our opportunity to stay free is closing quickly; the opening is getting smaller and smaller where the fresh breezes of freedom can still be felt. The last sentence spoken in this video by an unknown Englishmen among the peaceful protesters is this: “Freedom is only for those who have the guts to defend it.” This is a reality we all desperately need to understand.

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