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THE FINANCIERS OF BLM. It is now known that Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Warner Records, Intel, Xbox and Microsoft Games, Pepsi’s Gatorade, and Nabisco are bankrolling the Marxist driven domestic terrorists now attempting to overthrow our Republic. Why? Leadership and hiring in these companies has been, in keeping with Marxist / LGBTO agenda, taken over by leftists over the past several decades. Read Wikepedia’s article on the book, After the Ball, to understand how this has happened. The Democratic Party also plays a major part in in the bankrolling of BLM. It can easily be verified online that all contributions from corporations and other sources are received by and funneled through the DNC. When you watch and hear about the mayhem and murder, rioting and ravaging that is unnecessarily being allowed to continue in Democrat-controlled cities etc., be sure and give credit to whom credit is due.

THE FOUNDERS OF BLM: Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi founded Black Lives Matter in 2013. Cullors, 37, is a self-described artist, organizer, freedom fighter and LGBTQ activist who is married to a social activist from Canada, and identifies herself as black, queer, and gender-nonconforming. Garza, 39, is an LGBTQ activist is married to a transgender man who is also a community activist. Tometi, 36, calls herself a human rights advocate, strategist, and shares the social and political positions of her co-founder colleagues.

These three black women in 2015 self identified as “trained organizers” and trained Marxists,” who are “driven by a Marxist’s worldview.” These are the people now at the forefront of overthrowing our country. These are the kind of people who, under the continued direction of their Marxist higher-ups and along with their hoards of vicious, violent soul mates with turn America into a large replica of a third world hell hole on earth; and these are those who, if they are not stopped soon, will, in the not too distant future, be controlling every aspect of daily life for you, your children and grandchildren.

FACTS THAT NEED TO BE FACED REGARDING BLM: What should be obvious to everyone in America now (who doesn’t limit themselves to mainstream media propaganda) is that BLM isn’t about racial equality or non-existent “systemic racism.” It is solely and totally about Marxist revolution in, and the overthrow an “Fundamental Transformation” of, America. BLM and ANNTIFA, have proved, are proving and will further prove if allowed to do so, that No Lives Matter to them — nothing matters to them except the downfall of our country.

The Marxist managed tragedy-in-the-making that’s now going on in America can be stopped quickly, measures can be then taken to see that this never happens again. Politicians, regardless of who they are can’t be depended on to make this happen. It can only happen when and if Americans, regardless of complexion, social position or any other circumstance, will rise up and take responsibility for their own continued freedom and futures. (Share this if you, with as many people (especially pastors) as you can and subscribed to

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