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When the country into which I had just set foot was set on fire about my ears, it was time to stir. It was time for every man to stir.”

Thomas Paine wrote this in a book entitled Common Sense that George Washington commanded be read to his army. Much of America (though it wasn’t technically a nation yet) was literally “set on fire” by our enemies during the Revolution, and figuratively speaking, personal rights and liberty long enjoyed was being threatened by the flames of tyranny when Paine wrote these words. They were good words that stirred up patriotic thoughts and action in Americans concerned for the future of our country.

Not so long ago, I heard Paine’s quotation used frequently in speeches protesting the anti-American, draconian policies of the precious presidential administration; it was figurative language, during these Tea-Party times that no doubt stirred patriotic Americans up. It was figurative language because our country hadn’t literally been set on fire about anyone’s ears. This is no longer the case. The quotation can now be applied, not figuratively, but as a matter of fact.

Major cities across our country really have been burning every night for going on three months. The burning, looting, mayhem and murder in these cities is being conducted by BLM and ANTIFA leaders who describe themselves as “trained Marxists.” The personal rights and liberty we’ve long enjoyed, and anticipated for our posterity is being subjected to controlled burning wherever Democrat politicians are in control. The fire may not be burning too closely around the ears of those who don’t live in, or too near, any of these cities, but it’s burning about the ears of our fellow Americans who do live in them. And, if it isn’t stopped, it will soon be burning closely about all of our ears.

The people who are burning America right now have boldly stated that they intend to “Burn it all down.” Every American, who loves and wants to keep America free, regardless of the color of their ears, needs to feel the heat and realize, as Thomas Paine did, that it’s “time to stir.” It’s “time for every man to stir.”

Write anything to can, go everywhere you can and do whatever you can to support law and order and to get godless, Marxist insurrectionist/revolutionaries and their idiot dupes off our streets and into jail and to, at the very least, get political office holders who are aiding and abetting them out of office. And, above all, pray as much as you can that the evil that is engulfing our nation will be defeated, and that God will receive the glory that is due to His Holy name.

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