A satirical spoof of a story is making the rounds online alleging that Women’s National Basketball Players recently issued an ultimatum to the American people, announcing: “It’s either us or the flag.” This is about as sickeningly funny as the ficticious names of some of the teams; names such as the “Tahoe City Toads,” and the “Seattle Seacows--and it's sickening because it is so close to the truth where professional sports is today.

The nasty little, narcissistic, legends-in-their-own-minds, moral nitwits in the satirical piece mirror the reality in the sports world, and illustrate how diametrically opposed the hearts and minds of sports world figures are, generally speaking, to the hearts and minds of most of us I think, where America is concerned. Almost across the board, in every professional sport, ball players and management are "bowing the knee" to BLM agenda, disrespecting the flag and supporting the "cancel culture;" and still, professed patriots including Christians slobber all over them.

Many if not most professional athletes seem to perceive themselves to be gods and goddesses whose persons, temples (stadiums, etc.) and exploits are objects of worship to the American people. And why wouldn't they think this way given the adulation and monetary offerings they are given in spite of their disdain for God, their desecration of the Lord's Day, and the disrespect they demonstrate for their country and its flag.

It's time for patriotic Americans, especially Christians, to "cancel" professional sports out of their lives — out of sight, out of mind and out of their wallets. One of the best things that could happen in and for America would be for professional sports to dry up on the vine as a result of public disgust with, disdain for and disinterest in the entire ungodly mess that it represents.