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The Marxist managed tragedy-in-the-making now going on in America can be stopped quickly, and measures can be then taken to see that this never happens again. Politicians, regardless of who they are can’t be depended on to make this happen. It can and will happen when Americans, regardless of complexion, social position or whatever rise up and take responsibility for their own freedom and futures. It’s starting to happen.

Churches and citizens are resisting unwarranted, nonsensical, one-size-fits-all, ill motivated, insulting, freedom-killing mask and quarantine mandates by penny-ante politicians on city councils. in mayoral office, etc. Resistance needs to be demonstrated everywhere, in numbers large or small, across the country. If it is, the BLM-ANTIFA mobs will be overwhelmed numerically and politicians will either be forced to end their complicity with them or (in the case of Republicans) grow a backbone and support the American people in resisting them.

Abraham Lincoln said, "I insist that if there is anything which it is the duty of the whole people to never entrust to any hands but their own, that thing is the preservation and perpetuity of their own liberties and institutions." Lincoln wasn't right about everything, but he was sure right about this. If we want to stay free, it's up to us; not anyone else. Would you, will you, do something in terms of organizing or supporting resistance in the cause of freedom?(Share this if with as many people (especially pastors) as you can, and click on the "subscribe" button at

The first most important thing we have to do as Christians in America is to bring people to Christ. The second most important thing we have to do is to preserve the freedom we have to do the first most important thing.”

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