Is anyone out there more sickened and wearied than I am by Nancy Pelosi’s, Chuck Shumer’s and other Democrat's references to and reinterpretations of “family values,” and “who we are as Americans.” I doubt it. These baby killing, LGBTQ, anarchy supporting, America-hating, God-defying, lowlife liars are at best clueless concerning these things. At worst, they are diametrically opposed to what constitutes traditional family values and who we are as Americans. It’s like having Al Capone lecture on honesty, Lady Gaga lecture on modesty, Charles Manson lecture on human kindness or Jeffrey Dahmer lecture on proper diet.

The Democrats in Congress and their ilk in media, entertainment and elsewhere have a twisted, perverse interpretation of family values and what it means to be an American or even a human being. For their information, being an American doesn’t mean that you vote to remove any reference to God out of your party’s platform or burn our flag or join yourself head, hip and lip with the BLM, ANTIFA Marxist mob now savaging our country.

No, when Democrats talk about “family values” and “who we are as Americans,” they are speaking under the influence of spiritual and moral brain rot. They don’t speak for me. They don’t speak for my family, people I grew up with, served in the military with, have worked with or go to church with, etc. And I don’t believe they speak for most Americans. We can see what they’re all about, we know what they are capable of, and we need to do all we can to resist them while we can, and remove them from leadership everywhere in our society. Let the sanity begin.(Please click on “SUBSCRIBE” above and like and share on Facebook).

“The first most important thing we have to do as Christians in america is to

bring people to Christ. the second most important thing we have to do is to preserve the freedom we have to do the first most important thing.”