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The mobs incited by BLM, and ANTIFA are burning up Bibles, burning down churches and calling for the “cancelling out” of Christianity from American culture. And Democrats, where this is happening, almost universally don’t care. Many non-democrats don’t seem to care either. After all, politicians, celebrities, professed Christians and others who make no secret of their sympathy with the anti-American anarchist and cancel culture crowd shouldn’t really be expected to care — not really. But all this anti-Christian behavior has got me to thinking:

Imagine that suddenly, all across America, the crosses and the church buildings, and all the statuary and signage, etc. identified as Christian, disappeared. What would be left to indicate that real biblical Christianity exists or ever has existed here? Answer: probably not very much. And what would remain would be so minimal that it would only be noticed by virtue of the persecution these believers would get from (1) the non-Christian population, and (2) the vast (Matt. 7:21-23), nominal, in-name-only, Christian crowd who despise them because their deeds are “righteous” and their own deeds are “evil” (1 John 3:12). (Please like and share and feel free to put in church bulletins, etc.)

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