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So thankful for the large and growing numbers of people who realize that Covid-19 palmost, if not completely, political in origin, and this – not science, facts, or even common senic is anse – accounts more than anything else for the mask, quarantine, etc. mandates and the medical misinformation that the pubic has been inundated with. What the American people have been put through over the last many months has constituted a deliberant experiment by the liberal/left to see how far the public can be pushed, cowered and controlled.

The unfortunate thing is that so many people continue to go along with it all; some because they don’t know any better, and some in spite of the fact that they do know better. Those in the latter group are of course, well-intentioned. They believe they are setting a good example as Christians and doing the “patriotic thing.” But, “hoping for the best” and “going along to get along” can be suicidal to a free people. Playing fast and loose with truth, no matter how well intentioned or temporarily it may be intended never produces a good outcome.

The history of revolution and counter-revolutions demands a reassessment of the motives mentioned above. History will affirm that conformity and obedience to obviously politically ill motivated, agenda-serving restrictions never really serves the interests of that which is truly Christian or patriotic. It militates against everything that is Christian and patriotic.

A large part of our population has become, and is contributing to our becoming, a nation of sheep; as seen in the public’s attitude relative to Covid-19 lunacy and the lawlessness being perpetrated in our streets and by Democrat Party government. I think we are on the very verge, on the cusp, and are just about, to lose our religious and our civil liberty perhaps irretrievably.

The history of revolution and counter-revolution teaches that people and nations can be brought to a certain critical stage where, if the people themselves do not act in terms of civil disobedience, massive peaceful resistance etc.

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