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I THINK IT'S A FACT that Americans in unprecedented and surprising numbers are uninformed and misinformed as to the actual state of our nation right now, and the very real danger it faces in terms of survival. This is due to a culture of lies that has been developed by the Marxist left which operates in and through the Democratic Party and the mainstream media.

MY CONCERN is that much of the general public has been worn down by the obstructionist and chaos-creating machinations of the Democratic Party. For nearly four years now, these people have created and harnessed every opportunity possible from COVID -19 to BLM/ANTIFA insurrection to bogus “impeachment” proceedings to hinder our President from carrying out policies that are in the interests of America and the preservation of individual freedom.

I’m concerned that historical Marxist strategy for the overthrow of a country is succeeding in America. This involves dividing people and keeping them in a state of frustration and fear until they have been sufficiently worn down mentally and morally. Many people who don’t agree either with Biden or the Democratic Party are now indicating that they might vote for Biden in hopes that Democrats, BLM types and other troublemakers will be appeased and settled down so we can all “just go forward.” But this isn’t the way it will work. This will only aid and abet those who want to finish the job of fundamentally transforming America into a socialist/Marxist state. And once this is done, there will be no turning back.

We are on the very verge of losing our country and coming under the totalitarian authority of people who believe abortion, euthanasia, wealth distribution and the abolition of private property should be governmentally mandated. We will be governed by those who believe it is ‘essential’ to keep liquor stores open and churches closed; who believe people who fail to social distance or wear a mask should be tazed, handcuffed and jailed while those who loot and burn businesses, invade homes and murder and maim law abiding citizens should be given a free rein to operate as the domestic terrorists that they really are.

American founder, Benjamin Franklin once said, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." This has never been more true, or more pertinent as a warning than it is today.

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