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When the United States Supreme Court wickedly ruled in 1973 that the murder of unborn babies is a “constitutional right,” there was concern then that the same wicked sentiment and policies would be applied to the elderly and that euthanasia on demand would soon be made a “constitutional right.” These fears were well founded. Colorado’s governor at the time announced that senior citizens have “a duty to die and get out of the way.” Since then America’s death mongers like the Nazi death mongers in the last century, have increasingly espoused the “duty” that others have to die, and the “duty” that they, the death mongers have, to make sure that certain people do die.

The Chief of the European Central Bank recently stated that “Old people live too long, and this is a risk to the global economy.” A video has now gone public suggesting that elderly people who are no longer productive (the Nazis and the communists call them “useless eaters”) have a duty to die. This is how sick and evil and how deadly dangerous these people are and how sick, evil and deadly dangerous around half of America’s voting population is that shares the sentiments of these death mongers and supports their being in political office, etc.

Someone once said, “This notion that a man is through just because he has celebrated an arbitrary number of birthdays is idiotic.” It’s a notion that’s also satanic.

Oh, and by the way: euthanasia on demand refers to the death of the elderly either with or without their consent, depending on the state of depravity to which any given country has descended. Abortion is different in that no baby ever has been given, ever is given, or ever will be given a choice as to whether or not they will live or die. It doesn’t get any sicker or any more evil. Please visit and subscribe.


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