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Here’s a “heads-up” for the super stupid “superstars” of the sports, entertainment and media world who in their narcisstic, shallow, and profound stupidity are busily doing everything they can to help dismantle our republic — the “useful idiots” as Lenin called them, who have historically been depended on by atheistic Marxist ideologues to aid and abet them in their quests to subject nations to totalitarian tyranny. This is a "heads up" too for the politicians and educators who also make up the colossal collection of immoral dimwits now dominating places of power and influence.

Historically, useful idiots, after having served their purpose, have been either introduced to a bullet or interred in a barbed wire enclosure or worse by those who used them to wreck their own countries. Why? Because those who have used them consider them too stupid, unprincipled and traitorous to be trusted to contribute anything to the “New Order” they helped usher in. (Read the history before it is all rewritten by the cancel culture mob). This isn't something for anyone to be glad about, it's just an unspeakably sad fact, repeated over and over again throughout history

Here’s another "heads-up:" History won't remember these celebrities for their performances on stage and screen, on tennis courts or on ball fields. They'll be remembered, along with city-looting and burning scavengers, college campus morons, parasitical political office holders, woke business moguls and media people for the role they're playing in destroying the last great bastion of freedom on earth.

It's sad that people are helping turn America into a communist hellhole for future generations in a mindless and desperate attempt to find or fake some sense of significance for their shallow, selfish and stupidly-lived lives. Sadder still is the fact that the people being betrayed and sold out by these people keep voting for them, attending their ball games, concerts and films and otherwise paying homage to them. And to Christians who fall into the latter category above, the question posed in 2 Chronicles 19:22 is appropriate and timely: "Shouldst thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord?"

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