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People sometimes think, and will complain, that they don’t “get anything out” of the Bible when they read it or listen to it being preached and taught in a church service. Whether or not we “get anything out” of the Word of God depends greatly on the state we allow our minds and hearts to be in when we approach God and His Word. Martyn Lloyd Jones said the following:

“Let us always approach the Word of God with reverence and humility. Let us never come to read it without praying to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Let us come to learn, not to have our own prejudices confirmed, or to turn something down. Let us come with open minds. And above all, let us ever, as we think about God and talk about Him, remember who He is and what He is. Stop for a moment and remember that you are thinking and speaking about the uncorruptible God; this glorious Being; glorious in His holiness, infinity, and majesty!” (Romans, The Gospel of God, Exposition of Chapter 1).

We live, overall today, in an atmosphere of ultra-casualness where a cheap, chintzy, outlook on and approach to everything prevails. A “let’s get it over with quick “ attitude is applied to almost everything and the value of anything is made dependent on how entertaining it is or can be made to be. Sadly, all this applies as well to how God, His worship and His Word is often thought of and approached. Professed Christians will demonstrate this in church services tomorrow and all across America throughout the week.

The irreverent or near-irreverent way most people think about God and His Word accounts for the silly, shallow, stupid and destructive way people think about and approach life. This must change before the salvation of any soul or the survival of a nation can become possible.


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