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Western civilization is now, perhaps and most probably, on the brink of actual destruction. Intelligent, insightful and honest minds are in general agreement about this, and I think they’re right. Western civilization, to borrow a Chinese term, is dying “the death of a thousand cuts.” Western civilization has long denied God His rightful place in society, and has all but formally declared war on Him; the result of which is the present ongoing decay of belief in absolute good and evil.

Alfred Noyes wrote in his book The Edge of the Abyss, published in 1942, “The rules of behavior on which any stable society has to rest are dissolving.” Today, throughout western civilization, “The rules of behavior on which any stable society has to rest” are almost entirely dissolved, and no place on earth exemplifies this more than the United States of America.

Americans now live in a state of chaos where the concept of, and the reasons for, simple common decency are being forgotten. Not much has changed in terms, for example, of how dishonest American politics are or how debauched and decadent the Hollywood culture is. What has changed – and this is the really frightening thing – is how readily ordinary Americans now are to accept, for the sake of expedience, any political lie, and how eager and ready they are to embrace the morally filthy and godless culture represented by the Hollywood scene.

What is the answer to this? The answer is for people, as much as it is possible for them to do it, to reject and stand against lies and fakery, the immoral and vulgar, everywhere, and in whatever form they appear – in secular and in “religious” society. The answer is for people to seek and be guided by the objective truth that may be found in the Bible, and conform themselves to God’s plan and His standards for how life is to be lived on planet earth. Cultivate and demonstrate the spirit of those who love and value that which is true and fear and hate all that is false.


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