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It’s been said, “You can’t fix stupid.” A tsunami of stupidity in every area and at every level of society is sweeping across the United States, submerging us into oblivion as a free people and a sovereign nation. Fixing it can only begin when people, not yet too stupid and scared to do it, will recognize this. stupidity crisis for what it is and where it’s leading us, and then resolve to reject and resist it in every way possible.

America's stupidity crisis is reflected in the positions and demands of the woke movement and the acquiescence to them which has expanded the the concept of stupidity beyond the range of human comprehension. Think about it. Gender is now defined according to individual imagination and desire on a day-by-day basis, and the same goes for what constitutes proper language, mathematics and science, etc. All white people are to be considered guilty, historically and perpetually, of every injustice ever committed simply by virtue of their being white, while and all black people are considered to hold, historically, (1) a monopoly on victimhood, and (2) a lifetime pass for any misbehavior or criminal act, simply by virtue of their being black The vast majority of Americans, black and white, know this is false and stupid..

The woke position is that there's no such thing as objective truth; instead, truth is whatever a person wants it to be. Reality isn't determined by what is revealed to people's own eyes and ears and processed by their own minds, but depends on what one wants reality to be (as long as this fits within the parameters of woke thinking). And the examples go on and on.

All the above represents the profound stupidity becoming more and more dominant at every level of our national life. The only thing more outrageous and sickening than all this is the degree to which people who know better are acquiescing to it while watching themselves and our country being destroyed by it.

America's woke-generated stupidity defies comprehension and description and can’t be seriously questioned The question is, what is the nature of it? What makes a society so stupid that it tolerates and celebrates the killing of its own pre-born and post-born babies and permits the sexualization and sexual mutilation of living children by woke-minded weirdoes? What accounts for the stupidity that causes a society of hundreds of millions to allow a tiny minority of demagogues and ideologically murderous misfits in government and elsewhere to drag their heritage, hopes for theirs’ and their children’s future, and everything that is holy to them towards the dumping ground wokeness has prepared for it? How is such stupidity possible? Stay tuned.


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