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All across America hoards, swarms and packs of amoral, disloyal, narcissist, gullible, selfish and incredibly stupid young people ("useful idiots" that they are) are being played like violins by Leftists working to overthrow our constitutional republic. Where I grew up, people like this were referred to as "anybody's dogs who want to hunt with them."

These young demented sheep who think they’re lions are, right now, more “idiots” than they are “useful” to those who are "playing" them. But they’re being recruited, tuned up and kept “on tap” for use by their masters and fellow traitors who hope to soon deliver the coup de grace to the greatest country, faults and all, to ever exist in world history. The country their ancestors built, and fought and died to preserve.


Parents who in any shape, form or fashion are supporting on-the-loose young hellhounds being used to bring our nation down need to stop it. They need to take responsibility where the power of their influence and their checkbooks is concerned. They need to make it crystal clear to their kids in school that irresponsibility relative to studies or playing out of Left-leaning thought will immediately result in parental "defunding."


Parents have more power than they understand to keep their children on track towards becoming mature, responsible, productive and happy individuals and citizens. They need to start doing everything they can, as early as possible, to prevent their children from becoming “anybody’s dogs who want to hunt with them.

"Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers ... "—Phil. 3:2 


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