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Os Guiness has written, “The plain fact is that no free and lasting civilization anywhere in history has so far been built on atheist foundations.” America’s Judeo-Christian foundations are being removed at warp speed and replaced with atheistic foundations that suit the agenda of those who are bringing about the “fundamental transformation of America” that Barack Obama promised. Read Prov. 24:28.

Guiness continued with this observation: ”A culture with no claims on its members or curbs on their desires would be a culture with no future. Freedom requires a firm refusal of what is false, what is bad, what is excessive, what is ugly and, above all, what a person is not and should never try to become. When everything is tolerable, nothing will be true; and when nothing is true, no one will be free.” Our culture is becoming more and more one where people refuse to refuse what is false, where “every man does that which is right in their own sight,” where “Truth is fallen in the street” (Jud. 21:25; Isa. 59:14) and where people are trying to become what they “should never try to become” (i.e. transgender madness). The future does not bode well for the survival of the America as today as we are losing our freedom at warp speed.

Is there any hope? Our only hope is in people becoming valiant for truth—people who refuse go along with any and every lie, and who teach their children to do the same (Jer. 9:3) — in the classroom, within the family circle, in the churches and everywhere else across our country. Maybe it’s not too late.


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