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For decades the minds of Americans have been manipulated towards the embrace of an ideology that is anti-Christian and full-on pagan. This has been, and is being done, by way of indoctrination by the entire public educational system and the media with government support. What is now a matter of manipulation is rapidly reaching the place where it will become a matter of governmental mandate which will involve levels of persecution for those who resist, that most people now are unable to comprehend.

Persecution has always been part and parcel and the endgame of paganistic policy once pagans are in power; as it was in ancient times, was under the Nazis in the 20th century, has always been under communism, and as it is now in these United States. Percecution of those who resist pagan culture is already underway in America, being inflamed and ramped up by the media and becoming more and more a part of government policy. It will become a more and more obvious reality that Biblically defined Christianity is the main target of, and will suffer the most from, this persecutiion.


Christian’s have the power to stand against and in and during persecution. Our power resides within the Holy Spirit of God and in the power of applied and proclaimed Truth (Isa. 59:19; 1 John 4:4). Our responsibility as Christians now is to depend and call upon the power of God as we gird ourselves with, and build ourselves up in the Truth as it is found in the Bible. We withstand evil in the same way that we worship God: “iin Spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).



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