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Click on the following link, and then read the stories regarding church harassment, Target's racist book promotion, etc.

We are in a dire state of emergency in America. Why? The primary reason is because God has been steadily marginalized, trivialized and forgotten here for decades. Another reason is because people have refused, in so many areas and at so many levels, to recognize evil and hypocrisy for what it is and call it what it is. A third reason is because Americans, Christians and non-Christians alike, who know better, are busy aiding and abetting a culture of lies involving, among other things, false accusations of racism, the redefinition of gender, anti-Americanism, pandemic spin, mask-o-phobia and the denial of election fraud.

Many pastors and churches, to their credit, during the early days of Covid-19 uncertainties complied with regulations and mandates and went along with a lot of things for the sake of what was deemed the "public good" even though those things seemed to defy; things that since have been proven to defy real science and common sense. more and more of these people have now ceased, and are continuing to cease such compliance, which is obviously aimed at manipulating people into total submission to the state. The Bible says, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17). By the same token, to know that something is bad and based on a lie and yet comply with it anyway, is also a sin. There’s certainly a limit to which we can justify and rationalize compliance and going along with governmental and medical policies and mandates that we know are based on deceit and constitute an expanding web of lies meant to ensnare and destroy us.

The silence of those who know the truth but don’t stand for it will understandably be interpreted as consent to, and agreement with, the lies that are now masquerading as truth. We give credibility to lies when we respond to them as though they are not lies. This amounts to complicity, however unconscious it may be, with this present culture of lies and an agenda aimed at the elimination of biblical Christianity here and the destruction of, our Republic. Truth has now been “cast into the street” and “evil is called good and good is called evil” (Isa. 59:14; 5:20) as we descend with increasing rapidity into a state of atheistic totalitarianism.

It’s time for people to recognize who the real racists are in America; to recognize political demagogues and Christianity-haters here inn out country for who they are and what they are. It’s time to stop grovelling before them and trying to excuse them as they burn and pillage, terrorize and kill innocent people, make a mockery of free elections and ignore the individual God-given and constitutionally recognized rights of Americans. It’s time to stop letting people humiliate and terrorize us, rob us by way of bogus taxation, shoot whatever they want to into our bodies, regulate us to death and destroy our country. Its time to start denouncing and resisting those who are doing this regardless of what their political office, skin color, or “expert” status may be. It's time for an outright rejection of the spin they put on history and other lies they tell to justify their evil ways and intentions. Don't be part of the passivity that is making all this possible.

It’s time to recognize that our country is now all but totally controlled by leaders in government, business, education, media, entertainment, etc. who are devoted to atheistic, Marxist ideology. It's also time to stop fantasizing about future elections that will make it possible to make right all the things that have been made so wrong. What folly it is to think that fair elections, especially at the highest levels of government will (barring a miracle) ever be held again where the citizenry has watched and accepted blatant election fraud; criminal fraud perpetrated and upheld by Democrats and Republicans alike, in all three branches of our government. Anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear and who has the ability to add and subtract knows that the American voter, realistically, had nothing to do with the choice of who currently occupies the Oval Office. The people behind all this are now more powerful than ever and the technology and equipment used during the recent elections is still in place. Change by virtue of elections while all this is still in place? Phrases like “When pigs learn to fly” and “Don’t hold your breath” come to mind. (Please share this if you can; here's why: People who are confused in their thinking need all the clarification they can get, and people who are not confused, but correct in their thinking, need all the affirmation they can get).


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