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The United States Constitution, otherwise known as "the law of the land," in Article 1, Section 8 specifically enumerates the following powers that may be legitimately exercised by Congress. The federal government has, for decades, increasingly gone far, far, – criminally far – beyond these limitations and boundaries, bringing us to the very verge of becoming a completely authoritarian, totalitarian, police state. Crime is defined as “a gross violation of law.” Never has a grosser violation of law been committed against so many, for so long, and as inexcusably and outrageously as that committed by those elected to political office who have vowed to obey and uphold The Constitution of the United States. Below are the explicitly stated enumerated powers granted to Congress.

1. Power to tax and spend for the general welfare and the common defense.

2. Power to borrow money.

3. To regulate commerce with states, other nations, and Native American tribes.

4. Establish citizenship naturalization laws and bankruptcy laws

5. Coin money

6. Power to punish counterfeiters of money and stocks

7. Power to establish post offices and roads

8. Power to regulate patents and copyrights

9. Power to establish lower courts from the Supreme Court

10. Power to establish piracy laws of the sea

11. To declare war

12. Power to raise and support Army

13. Provide and maintain the Navy

14. Make rules for the Government and regulation of naval forces

15. Power to call a militia (National Guard today)

16. Power of regulating a militia

17. Power to govern the District of Columbia and properties for federal government


18. Authority to create laws that are necessary and proper to carry out the laws of the

land (Necessary and Proper Clause

Where, in any of these enumerated powers can anyone find legitimacy for the present governmental mandates, micromanagement of people’s lives, usurpation of family prerogatives and rights, the building of a bureaucracy numbering in the tens of thousands of government employees, and one thousand and one ways of stealing our money by way of arbitrary taxation and regulation? The list goes on and on and on. Can anyone say, “criminal abuse of authority?” Samuel Adams echoed the sentiment of all our Founding Fathers when he said, “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.” (Share this if you can).


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