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Many years ago, theologian and author, Francis A Shaeffer wrote: “The fact that [the Christian] alone has a sufficient standard by which to fight evil, does not mean that he will so fight. The Christian is the real radical of our generation, for he stands against the monolithic, modern concept of truth as relative. But too often, instead of being the radical, standing against the shifting sand of relativism, he subsides into merely maintaining the status quo. If it is true that evil is evil, that God hates it to the point of the cross, and that there is a moral law fixed in what God is in Himself, the Christian should be first into the field against what is wrong."

“Being first in the field against wrong” whether it is wrong without or within the Church is incumbent on Christians. It is our duty to be “valiant for truth” and to “Contend” for it whenever and wherever that which is wrong needs to be exposed by, and replaced with, that which is right (Jer. 9:3; Jude). In all our speaking of the truth, whether in our home, the church house or publicly we need to speak it in a spirit of love, as carefully and intelligently as possible while consciously dependent on God for its effectiveness.


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