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So now, Conservatives know what many of us have pretty much always known; and that is, who FOX News’ real “friends” are. And conservatives aren’t among these friends. FOX’s real “friends,” their bosom buddies, bed partners, teammates, soul mates, co-conspirators, ideological cronies and propagandists comrades have always been in and with CNN, CSNBC, ABC, and all the rest of the mainstream media.

The Sandra Smith, Martha MacCallum types are FOX’s equivalent to the Suzanna Guthrie, Rachael Maddow and Leslie Stahl types. Brit Hume, Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto are the Never-Trumper equivalents of Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Jim Acosta and Chris Cuomo. Megan Kelly and Shepherd Smith are prime examples of FOX celebrities who quickly and happily went from FOX to their true comfort zones at NBC and CNBC. They are all politically in the same congregation; just sitting in different pews; all spouting the same ideology, but from behind a different set of microphones with a different sounding tone of voice. Democrat/Marxist mouthpieces like Juan Williams and Donna Brazille and others, seething with rage against Trump and Americanism, are in place and given plenty of time every day to make sure the anti-Trump, etc. message FOX aids and abets is nailed down surreptitiously but sufficiently. (FOX has, steadily, since its beginning, become less and less “fair” and more and more unbalanced relative to conservatism).

People who truly, consistently, represent conservatives and Americanism like Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Piro and a host of others (We know who they are) are dependable journalists, but serve as “window dressing” to draw the conservative crowd FOX wants to attract and administer an “IV drip” of propaganda, misinformation and news-slant to on a daily basis through the likes of Wallace, Cavuto, Hume, etc. (Andrew Napolitano, as one of the more devious, double-dealers on FOX needs to be thrown into this mix too). Real conservatives like Dobbs, Levine, Varney, etc. are ” carrots” on FOX’s “stick” whose truly conservative programs are used to draw viewers to the rest of FOX’s programming which is laden with political, ideological, arsenic.

Well, FOX has finally been found out for what it is, and what it’s really been doing all along. Its like its sly namesake in the animal world. A farmer may think of it as a furry friend and appreciate it for the work it’s presumed to do killing rats and snakes. That is, until it is discovered standing in the middle of a poultry house with blood and feathers all over its mouth, snarling with its lips drawn back and teeth exposed. Then you know that even though it looks significantly different, it’s really in the same business as the rats and the snakes.

Fox News has played its role in bringing our Republic to the brink of a socialist/Marxist overthrow, and American patriots are now “unfriending,” turning them off and switching from them by the tens of thousands. Good! This is the type of pushback and resistance that has to be demonstrated in a lot of areas right now if there is any hope of our surviving the election fraud and political coup that is now underway. (Please like and share if you can).


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