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Here’s my paraphrase of something recently said by Edward Snowden: So many people today think of the government and the nation as being the same thing, but they are most definitely not the same thing. In so many places, all over the world, we can see people who hold don’t different politics than their governments. There are two basic problems regarding people and government: Number one, that people don’t know what their government is doing, and secondly, that people do know, but either don’t care or do care, but don’t think they have the power to do anything about it.

Renowned and respected historian, Paul Johnson recently wrote: “The curse of bureaucracy has never been heavier, the number of regulations more numerous, or the cost of resistance more ruinous.” How true. We are quickly approaching the place in our country where, because of governmental and woke culture tyranny, it is going to require enormous sacrifice to say something different – something that is honest and true – from the government’s or the woke culture’s position on anything. Growing numbers of people here are right now losing their jobs and being fined and imprisoned for saying things that are simply honest and true matters of fact. This is what goes on in communist countries like Red China and North Korea and Cuba. Our present situation is the result primarily of the dumbing down and Leftist indoctrination that American youth have been subjected to in public schools, colleges and universities for decades.

The oppression and tyranny we are experiencing today has been the only “normal” that all but the very elderly in communist, totalitarian countries have ever known. It is all part of the “new normal” being introduced to Americans today. Be assured: American children born after the parents and grandparents living today have all died off, will know nothing about the freedom that was once normal to the American way of life. The “new normal” will have become simply the only normal that they have ever known.

The “New Normal” agenda being shoved down our throats and imposed on us now by corrupt government and woke culture can be resisted and stopped now. Our posterity, living in what was once known universally as the “land of the free and the home of the brave” are being ushered into a future where they will live and die sharing what is “normal” for people in communist-controlled countries. But this doesn’t have to happen. It isn’t, at this point at least, inevitable. Not if parents and grandparents, pastors and non-woke, free and brave young people, will stand now; stand, in every way they can, against the tyrannical actions of a relatively tiny minority of Leftists bullying their way to power over the rest of us. (Please share this if you can).


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