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Someone unknown to me posted a comment under one of my recent posts saying: “How about we keep religion out of politics.” I deleted his comment, but here’s my answer: “How about we don’t?”

I went to this fellow’s page and found the profile picture of a pony-tailed, twenty-something young man dressed in the requisite scruffy black tee shirt and scruffy black jeans with a scruffy black stubble of whiskers — kind of an “Antifa look” that seemed to fit in with all the pro-Democrat, anti-American claptrap on his FB page. He was seated at a drawing table, surrounded by posters, holding a jar of colored pencils in his hand.

I don’t have anything against ponytails, beards, black tees or jeans or twenty-somethings. But people who posture with the anti-Christian, anti-America crowd; people who take time out from counting their crayons and mixing their watercolors to go all-authoritarian on those who love America, are old enough to be their grandparents and who’ve paid a price so that can have the liberty they have, ought to be a little more circumspect.

I genuinely care about people, whether they’re Antifa-types or not. Everyone represents a soul for whom Christ died. But people like my “commenter” disturb me on many different levels. One, because there are so many of them in America now, thanks to a society that has indoctrinated them into an atheistic, anti-American, angry, straight-out-of-hell mindset. They genuinely deserve sympathy and are in need of prayer. But they represent a scary situation. Why? Because they recognize no authority other than their own, and because they opt for subjective, self-selected “truth” over objective truth. Their “truth” is whatever they think is relevant to any given situation. They decide arbitrarily and on-the-fly what is right or wrong based on whatever is going on in their heads at any given time. Elitist-like, they think they know what’s best for everybody else. They are, however stupidly, “deadly” sincere in believing that it would be in everyone’s best interest if they could be made to just shut up, submit to and do whatever they’re told to do by smart people like themselves. When Lenin was killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians to implement communism in Russia, The English author, H. G. Wells tried to justify it by writing, “He kills for a reason and to an end.” Joseph Stalin who said, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.” This is how these people think, whether they’re doing their "thinking" on welfare in their parent’s basement or in an office in Silicon Valley. It's breathtakingly scary when people think this way, and there are many in America, who now do think this way.

Maybe it’s way past time that Americans, Christians especially, start standing up and speaking up to authoritarian-minded, Marxist-minded nut jobs who are shoving the rest of us towards the one-big-concentration-camp-of-a-country that they want us to live in. From now on, when they say, “How about we don’t” relative to what we believe about God, church, family, morality, common sense, freedom or the right to elect our own president — How about we start standing up and squaring off verbally with them and saying, “How about we don’t!” (And this ought to apply to everyone whether they’re in a Che Guevara tee with a BLM cap on, or dressed in business suits with congressional pins stuck to their lapels).

It’s not only okay, it’s our duty to, to just say, “No” to what is wrong and evil and dangerous for our country, ourselves and our children. We need to be as civil as possible, but at the same time, as clear, convincing and consistent as possible while we do it.


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