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Someone once wrote, “It is easy in the light of experience to despair of oneself. It is easy in the light of events to despair of the world.” It would be easy now, to despair, to lose hope, where the future of our country is concerned. But let’s not do it, especially those of us who believe in and know God. Let’s remember that, as someone else once said, ”There are no hopeless situations; there are only men who have grown hopeless about them.”

During World War II when France had fallen to the Nazis, and Britain’s chances for survival seemed next to none, Prime Minister Winston Churchill met with his cabinet, and in detail, outlined their dire situation. When he finished, every tongue was silent and a look of anguished despair and resignation was on every face. Churchill took all this in. Then he smiled and said, “Gentlemen, I find it rather inspiring.” How wonderful.

I think we need to remember, especially as believers, that the only thing hopeless about our situation is the hopelessness of those who are hopeless about it. And, it’s wrong; it’s incorrect, for us to feel hopeless now. We need to “take in” our situation now, and “find it rather inspiring.”

Let’s let our present “dire” situation be inspiring to us. Let’s be inspired by it to the courageous and sacrificial acts of patriotism that will be necessary to our remaining a free people. But most of all, let’s be inspired by our “dire” situation to greater faith in God and to having the kind of prayer life now that we’ve always known we should have. Let’s be inspired by it to a greater sense of urgency about immersing ourselves in God’s Word and giving the gospel to those who are still lost in sin.


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