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Maybe, just maybe, everyone who doesn’t want to roll up their sleeve for a government-endorsed injection isn’t a “Neanderthal” as “President” Biden says they are. Maybe everyone who won’t shut their mouths, hate themselves because of their whiteness, feel guilt and find a way to do penance for injustices committed by others hundreds of years ago doesn’t deserve to be punished. Maybe those who don’t trust the government implicitly and who won’t get into lock-step with the liberal WOKE mob aren’t “haters.” Maybe people who don’t want their children indoctrinated with the LGBTQ agenda in public schools and libraries or with Marxist ideology in state colleges and universities aren’t “haters” either. Maybe those who want to keep more of their own hard earned money, believe in guarded borders and traditional merit-based immigration, and that the Bill of Rights is still valid aren’t racists and selfish capitalists. Maybe people who try to defend themselves against thieves and thugs aren’t deserving of fines or imprisonment. Maybe people who believe there are physical as well as other differences in boys and