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President Dwight Eisenhhower (1890-1961) said, "No man can always be right." So, the struggle is to do one's best," Doing one's best includes our not pretending to be right or trying to convince other people that we're right when we are not absolutely sure ourselves that we are right.

Doing our best in life includes getting to the place as quickly as possible where the most important thing to us isn't having others think or say that we're right about everything. Instead, as quickly as possible, we need to get to the place where knowing what is true and being willing and ready to say what is true is more important to us than anything else.

Understand it and face it, there are some things (a lot. of things), and some times (a lot of times), when our being right is irrelevant and unimportant. These are those things about which, and those times when, some strategic silence, changing of the subject or concession is in order; times and things about which being right is ridiculous and/or too expensive in terms of relationships or emotions, etc. Don't confuse common sense with compromise. There are things about which, and times when, in context, it's wrong to insist that you're right--even when you are.


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