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Understanding the concept of institutional knowledge (See post below) is a key component to our living our lives well. It empowers us day-to-day with a spirit of intentionality and a desire for discipline in our lives. It keeps us conscious of our need to become the best source of institutional knowledge wwe can be for others along the way and down the road.

Whatever our place or position in life is, we need to be, and remain aware, that we are ourselves mentors in the making, trainers in training, people being prepared for the benefit of others. The better we learn to think like we ought to think, be what we ought to be and do what we ought to do, the more we will make our lives count in all the ways that count for ourselves and for others.

Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's restaurants, wrote in his autobiography about what he'd learn from Col. Harlan Sanders when he worked for him as a boy. He also wrote this: "People need role models at every stage of their lives . . . not just when they're kids. Don't expect a role model to come along all by himself or herself. There are plenty of classy people out there who want to help. Instead of waiting for somebody to take you under their wing, go out there and find a good wing to climb under."


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