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BLM's founders openly admit to being Marxist ideologues. Their self-confessed mentors include former members of the Weather Underground, a radical "leftwing" terrorist group that sought to bring a communist revolution to the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. BLM is friendly with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, whose socialist policies have brought economic collapse and untold misery to millions of people there.

Visit their website: BLM states that it wants to abolish the nuclear family, police and prisons, heteronormativity, and capitalism. BLM and groups associated with it are demanding a moratorium on rent, mortgages and utilities, and reparations for a long list of grievances, and have threatened to "burn down the system" if their demands are not met. They are also training militias based on the militant Black Panther movement of the 1960s. They have raised tens of millions of dollars in donations collected by ActBlue, a fundraising platform linked to the Democratic Party. This is fact, not fiction.

BLM announced last year that their immediate goal was to remove U.S. President Donald J. Trump from office. This they did in collusion with entities like Antifa, the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media. This they did through election fraud because, humanly speaking, President Trump appeared to them to be the primary obstacle they faced in bringing about the immediate downfall of America.

Look at the people involved with and otherwise supporting BLM, in the street, in the statehouses on stage and screen and in the U. S. Congress. This is the kind of mentality and morality that will have us, our children and grandchildren at their mercy soon and for a long time to come barring an undeserved and merciful intervention by God thee Almighty.

It is imperative now that real, born again believers in Jesus Christ, get back of the "old Paths" of the Christian religion in terms of faith and practice (Jer. 6:16) and unequivocally reject all contemporary counterfeits to Christianity — Get out of their churches, and out from under their influence. And, in the meantime, as much as is possible, stop bankrolling and otherwise bending the knee to businesses, corporations, professional sports, etc. who are complicit with those who are working as hard as they can to destroy us.


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