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Polybius (200-118 BC) said, “There are two roads to reformation for mankind—one through misfortunes of their own, the other through those of others: the former is the most unmistakable, the latter the less painful.” Let's look at these two "roads" as they apply to us.

First: painful “misfortunes of their own” surround Americans now like red flags, but are not taken as seriously as they should be. Our Bill of RIghts, practically speaking, is being entirely scrapped and our individual freedoms taken away at warp speed. Our own misfortunes include the breakdown of our borders, national bankruptcy, the sodomization of our society, the sexualization of our children and the secularization of our churches, etc. But how many see these "misfortunes" of our own as the signs of impending disaster that they are?

Secondly: learning from the misfortunes of others is “less painful” only when they're looked at honestly and responded to properly. Americans haven't learned much from modern history. They are not alarmed by the fact that the entire history of Marxism and the woke mentality is an unchanging story of deception, deprivation, despair, mass detention (enslavement) of populations and demicide (Demicide is defined as "the killing of a country's civilian populatioin as a resuslt of its government's policies, including by direct action, indifference and neglect). Over 100 million civilians were murdered by marxist socialist governments during the 20th century alone. These same ideologies, policies and ambitions are being put on display by Democrat and woke activists right now as a preview of things to come for us if they continue to have their way. Will we learn and be warned before its too late?

Past and present "misfortunes" explain the who, why and how of what going on now in America. Let’s look at it and learn from them, and get busy with the work of reclaimation and reformation before it’s too late. (Share this if you can).


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