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The Wall Street Journal last month featured a page and a half article bemoaning the decline of respectability among America’s political and business leaders. It spotlighted as examples, Steve Jobs the founder of Apple and Sam Bankman-Fried, the now on-his-way-to-prison founder of crypto exchange FTX. Steve and Sam were just window dressing attention-getters for the real examples of uncivil, unethical, disrespectable, vulgar people WSJ wanted to spotlight. These would be Elon Musk and Donald Trump.

Elon Musk is now big time in the media’s crosshairs since he took over Twitter and exposed it’s political collusion with federal government before, during, and since the 2020 election. President Trump continues to have the mainstream media weaponized against him, remaining at the top of the Left’s Most-Wanted-Gone list; still top-ranked as the primary obstacle to their “transformation of America” into a totalitarian state.

Respectability? Civility? Ethics? To target Musk and Trump as primary offenders in these areas with all the Bidens, Clintons and Pelosi-types there are running around is a whole lot absurd and a bit suspicious. It’s like the focus of discussion at a big game hunter's convention being on the habits of chipmunks and squirrels when there are so many lions, hippos, rhinoceroses and elephants to talk about.

But the American mainstream media is simply dishonest and has a Leftist agenda. The WSJ right now, in terms of dishonesty, compares to its media counterparts in the same way a lemur monkey measures up to a baboon. But it still allows Leftists and liars (forgive the redundancy here) to be the equivilent of a hair in an otherwise good sandwich.

The mainstream media is pure propaganda garnished slightly with a bit of factual news for the sake of ripping off some undeserved credibility. But the infinitesimally small amount of factual news to be had isn’t worth the intellectual scumminess and insult that has to be gone through to get it. It like scuba diving in a cesspool to find a dime that might be in there somewhere.

The WSJ writer concluded his article with this: “In the long run, we can only trust people we respect—and who respect us.” This is precisely why I have so little respect for this writer, his ilk, and the news outlets in which they swarm.


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