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President Biden’s speech last night was a classic example of projection and gas lighting. For the sake of anyone unfamiliar with the terms, projection is “The attributing of one’s own ideas, feelings, attitudes or actions to someone else. It involves externalizing and reassigning a guilty party’s guilt to others.” Gaslighting involves the psychological manipulation of people over an extended period of time until they begin to question the validity of their own thoughts and what they perceive to be reality.

The Biden administration and the rest of the Left want to project onto Republicans and “Make America Great Again” supporters guilt that belongs entirely to them in terms of their own capacity for violence, disregard for the constitution and violation of individual rights. You could literally devote your entire program for weeks on end to the documented and ongoing examples of this just since Biden took office. And, the mainstream media is acting 24/7 in collusion with the Biden administration and the Left, continually hammering the public with a projectionist/gas lighting narrative that is steadily driving people crazy.

People need to stay reminded that burning, looting, rioting, quarantining, illegal mandating and BLM and Antifa violence has taken place under, and been supported by, democratic controlled governments and the rest of the Left — not by Republicans and Trump-supporters. The January 6 nothing burger of a so-called “insurrection” and the allegations and raid on Donald Trump are nothing but “shiny spinning plates” created by the Left to draw as much attention as possible away from their own criminal efforts to tear down and transform America into an enlarged replica of Cuba and Venezuela.


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