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I don’t approve of everything Donald Trump ever did or said before or since he became President of the United States. Not any more than I approve of everything said or done by past presidents (Most of whom had plenty of behind-the-scene bad baggage with plenty of dirty laundry in it). However, Donald Trump has done more, and is on the way to doing more— across the board, and in real, practical ways —for our country than at least half of our former presidents put together have ever done. Most importantly, he is the most proactive pro life President in our nation’s history.

Our first President with no political or military background, ties, etc. President Trump has brought the expertise and toughness of a businessman and an ardent, unabashed love for our country to the Oval Office. He’s also shown more appreciation and support for Christianity in America than almost any other president ever has. This is what we need in a President. The other kind, the political and military swamp dwelling, self-serving, rung-climbing, power-lovers need to be rejected from now on.

We need a President to run the business of the country while the pastors and preachers provide the spiritual leadership the country needs. Furthermore, humanly speaking, right now, President Trump is the only thing standing between a Marxist overthrow of this country. And, pastors and other Christians need to consider how many more abortions and how much less Christian freedom there will be in America if President Trump is out of the Oval Office and a Democrat is in it.

In spite of all the above, still, inexplicably, there are pastors who’re proud be known as “Never Trumpers” and Christians and others who “feel” the same way. And nobody in either group understands the signs of the times enough to know or admit that a non-vote for President Trump represents a vote for the socialist/communist takeover of our country. It’s going to be hard for these folks to happily “live the dream” of a Trump-free Oval Office while they are living in a communist nightmare and with a world of regret. Vote and make sure your pastor is encouraging your congregation to vote. (Share this if you can).


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