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IF "DOGS CRY FOR HELP," HOW DO BABIES DO IT? Have you seen the online teaser for an article entitled, “How Dogs Cry for Help … ” written by a “renowned researcher and veterinarian”? There’s an accompanying video that begins with the words, “When you see any of these signs, its important that you know your dog’s screaming for help.” The video talks about how “dogs sentenced to death” by their health conditions are being “brought back to life” because of the “discoveries” in “remarkable new care technique that could help your dog lead the longest, healthiest life possible — no matter their age.” More ecstatic testimonial follows: “It was amazing to see the transformation, especially in older dogs who were already slowing down. “In a matter of weeks, their vitality noticeably improved. They had more energy, they were more playful, more limber, more relaxed… it was pretty astonishing. Even their coats looked healthier.”

How touching all this is. And how interesting and appreciated it must be to a society like ours is now where people have made idols of animals; where they refer to themselves as “pet parents” and to their domesticated animals as their “children.” We live in times when it’s common to see men and women proudly pushing nattily dressed cats and dogs around in strollers. These days women and rugged-looking men walk about wearing baby carriers smiling down adoringly at, and caressing the heads of the animals that protrude from their pet children pouches. How touching. How interesting. And, how sickeningly perverse.

I have nothing against the lives, health and happiness of dogs, cats, gerbils, alligators, etc. I like and enjoy most animals and find them all interesting. But I think people in this country have more to be concerned about than the perceived “cries for help” of animals that may be suffering from a poor diet, migraine headaches or boredom. After all, we are a nation of people that is 47 years into a continuing infanticidal holocaust that has to date, since Roe vrs. Wade, put over 61 million babies to death for the sake of individual choice dictated by personal convenience and comfort.

How do dogs cry for help? Relatively speaking, I say, “Who cares?” The real question is, how do babies cry for help whose deaths have been decided on and scheduled? What means did the millions of babies already murdered have, and what means do those about to be murdered have, to “cry for help.” God’s Words says, “ Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction” (Prov. 31:8).

Americans should be opening their mouths on behalf of little human beings who have been and are “appointed to death by, or shortly after, their abortion. Americans should have been screaming bloody murder, louder each day, beginning 47 years ago. But, for the most part, they haven’t. And now the time has come that others besides babies may be subjected to the same political, social elitist mindset that has been responsible for the national carnage we know as abortion on demand.

On and before Election Day this month, millions of Americans cast votes that would insure the empowering of politicians (Democrats) who are committed to the continuance of America’s infanticidal holocaust. Regardless of anything else that may have motivated their vote and however unconsciously, unintentionally or ignorantly they did it, this is what they did. And by not casting a vote for those who are against this country’s infanticidal holocaust, they did nothing to prevent the killing of these innocent, helpless lives. God’s Word tells us that He has a special hatred for “hands that shed innocent blood” (Prov 6:17), but the response of these voters said with their ballots was, “So what.”

The judgment of God that has fallen on nations before us for things as sinfully horrific and hateful to Him as is governmentally legislated and socially embraced abortion on demand. “Shall I not visit for these things? saith the Lord: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?” (Jer. 5:29). The answer is that God will be avenged on a nation such as ours. Historically, this is the way it has always worked out. All the evidence cries out that God’s judgment is upon us right now, as the proponents of that which God hates are on the verge of seizing power in this country, aided and abetted by those who either voted for them or didn’t vote against them.

A closing thought: Does the history of nations or simple common sense suggest that people who have no problem killing innocent, defenseless infants by the millions might have any compunctions about killing any one of any age, in any way at any time, that they might deem it expedient to do so? The answer is: No.

History and simple common sense affirm that no life is safe against people in power who are so spiritually, morally and mentally “wired” that they will propose and protect legislation that provides for the mass murder of those who are most innocent and defenseless. These are those who formulate their reason and rational for killing the innocent and defenseless. Simultaneously, they twist, distort and/or create “science falsely so-called” (1 Tim. 6:20) to support their positions and actions. To this end.

For most proponents of abortion there is no lie that they won’t tell it, no truth that they won’t try to wrest and no intelligence they aren’t willing to insult in their defense of their heinous and hellish position. There is no realm of sanity they won’t defy and no amount of personal stupidity they aren’t willing to put on display in order to justify to others, and in their own demented-by-sin minds, the killing of babies that they believe “need” to be killed.

This is how people like this think, and it is what they do. This is how they’ve thought and what they’ve done for 47 years. Whenever people like this have enough power, they’ll use the same godless and insane reasoning to justify killing whoever they deem “needs” killing for the “public good” whenever, wherever and in whatever numbers they deem expedient. And, they’ll do their killing just as coldheartedly, ruthlessly and pragmatically has they’ve done it to over 61 million babies that have been considered to “be in the way.”

Politically, philosophically and proud to be pro-abortion people are, right now, on the verge of taking control of our country and are demonstrably determined to do it by whatever means necessary criminally or otherwise. When these people are in power, the lives and welfare of the rest of us will be no more meaningful, no less dispensable than that of a dog, cat or any other animal.


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