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Our Founding Fathers and the true patriots around them had to contend with trash-talking ultimately do-nothing, obstructionist political drama clubs agitating and undermining them while they lamented the good energy, intelligence and resources that were siphoned off and wasted in them. Fact check this — are you a true patriot or someone who has been drawn into a political drama club. There's a huge difference between the two.

The distinction between legitimate, productive patriotism and involvement in political drama begins with thinking. True patriotism requires substantial thinking; the political drama scene — not so much. Effective patriots engage in deep, down-the-road, thinking about issues and the short and long term consequences of actions.Then they take action. They are as fully informed and strategic as possible, generally guided by Christian principles, and follow the dictum of Davy Crockett who famously said, Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.”

Real patriotism isn’t about following people who are obsessed with doing whatever it takes, to whoever they need to do it to, in order to maintain their “I’m more conservative than anyone else” persona. Real patriots don’t let others do their thinking for them, decide what they’re going to “like” on social media, or what fellow conservative they’re going to scandalize, pile on, or throw under the bus when encouraged by their drama coaches to do it.

Real patriotism recognizes the difference between compromise and the exercise of principled common sense. It involves informed, intentional leadership, organization and operation. It isn’t frenetic; it’s focused. It knows that it isn’t the whistle that pulls the train. It isn’t interested in endless rallies, rants, in-fighting and the shooting of the wounded. Real patriots are interested in bringing people to the table, changing their minds, and enlisting them in the cause of freedom. Unlike those caught up in political drama, they don’t make a forte' of turning people off and slamming windows of opportunity down irretractably on their heads. Real patriots are interested in getting long lasting results while there is time to get them.

Political drama clubs actually militate against the preservation of freedom almost as much as anything on the Left. Why? Because they have well intentioned but misdirected people spinning their wheels and misspending their energy. Maybe its time to step back, take a few deep breaths, and check out whether you are thinking and acting like a true patriot or merely a member of a political drama club.


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