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The question is often asked, “If Republicans take over the House in 2024, will anything change?” The answer, if history is any indicator, is: "Possibly, but probably not." Here's why:

In 1994 Republican leadership introduced its touted "Contract with America." Chock full of promises, this "contract" stirred the hopes of conservative Americans and helped Republicans gain control of both the House and Senate. Republicans then proceeded, with rare exception, to do what they always do: they acted like Democrats, kowtowed to Democrats, and did nothing significant in terms of fulfilling their "Contract."

Like most politicians, Republican politicians, with few exceptions, rarely do anything for anybody other than themselves. What they do do, is game their constituents in order to stay in office. Speaking of "gaming," political office holders love their game. The Congressional Baseball Game which originated in 1909 exemplifies how Republicans play ball with Democrats both on and off the field as well,' most of them being either full-fledged RINOS or RINOS-in-the-making.

Republicans, whenever they controlled the House and/or the Senate, and/or the Oval Office, acted like the Democrats were in control. Publicly they denounced denounced Democrats, vowed to "fight" them and "beat back," and "overturn" the pro-abortion, pro-open border, big government, high taxation and the rest of the skulduggery and criminality the Democratic Party stands for. But simultaneously, they continued, as they have for around half a century, to kowtow, cater to, and play ball with them. But the 2016 presidential election was a game changer for Republicans.

In 2016 a businessman, political outsider became president, and began using his office in every way possible to Make America Great Again, actually doing what he promised voters he would do if elected.

All of the problems mentioned above, and scores of others were drastically reduced or became non problems. Fact check this: this 45th President of the United States did more to strengthen the prosperity and secure the safty, sustain the individual freedom and brighten the future for Americans than his 10 predecessors combined were willing or able to do. And he did this in one term while Democrats, aided and abetted by estasblishment Republicans, did everything they couild to undermmine, sabatage and destroy him and his agenda to serve the best interests of the American people. Less surreptitiously and more openly than ever before, Republicans stepped upto the plate ready to pinch hit and carry water for the Democratic/now-Marxist party. Why? Because the best interests of the American people directly conflict with the best innterrests of the D. C. political establishment.

During the 2022 Congressional Baseball Game, Republican Senator Joni Ernst, grinnning ear to ear, told a newsman, “We’re coming together. And I think the public thinks we’re more divided than we actually are.” I think the public now knows how "together" most Republicans have been with Democrats for at least half a century. They "outed" themselves completely during and since the 2016 election.

If Republicans take over anything or everything in terms of political power, nothing is likely to change the free-fall we are in towards national disaster unless (1) as many self-serving establishment Republicans as possible are removed from office, and (2) as many competent, courageous people as possible are put into offic who are committed to an originalist interpretation of our Constitution and to the principles of government outlined in the Republican Party's Political Platform.

The Republican Party Platform defines what a real Republican is and is right on target with what freedom loving Americans believe in and want. The problem with the party isn't it's platform but the bad people who have embedded themselves in the party and confirm the old adage that "You can't expect the wrong people to do the right thing."

I will continue to vote, and encourage others to vote for candidates, Republican or Independent who are sincerely aligned with the Republican Party Platform. Why? Because it supports biblical principles, our Constituion, traditional Americanism and the putting of America and Americans first everywhere and all the time. But until the Party is rid of its RINOS and RINOS-in-the-making, I'll continue to share the sentiments of Mark Twain who once said, "No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session."


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