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America’s history books, along with monuments, place names and everything else reminiscent of our true national history, are now being, revised, replaced, removed and otherwise scrapped as Marxists now in power are introducing us to the “new normal” they have planned for us. As much as we can we need to keep truth alive; historical and otherwise. The truth regarding the right to keep and bear arms is an example.

The men who wrote the second amendment didn’t do it after they’d returned from a hunting trip or a pleasant afternoon of trap or skeet shooting. They didn’t do it to assure people the right to hunt or target shoot. They had just fought it out with an oppressive government that had already tried and failed to enforce gun control on them. They did it because they knew that the right of ordinary citizens to keep and bear arms is their only assurance against a government that might decide to strip them of their liberties.

Our ancestors didn’t allow themselves to be disarmed by the British when the British tried to disarm them, and were therefore able to go on to help America become, until recently, the freest people who’ve ever lived. Being the students of history that all of the founders were, they knew that from ancient times to their own times, the disarming of a people by their government was always among the final stages involved in reducing a population to a state of slavery. Is there a lesson in this for us?

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

—John 8:32


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