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George Orwell wrote: ‘Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.” Some people are oblivious to the obvious or want to deny it for one reason or another. But, informed and intelligent people of integrity have no problem acknowledging what is obvious. And a lot is obvious today that needs to be restated.

Here’s a “restatement of the obvious:” The recent presidential election was a fraudulent, falsified treasonous crime perpetrated against Americans by our nation’s domestic enemies in government and the mainstream media; made obvious by videotapes, testimonials given under oath and an overwhelming amount of evidence. Office holders and ordinary Americans have been threatened with violence to themselves and their families if they resist the third world type, communist-style coup that’s now taking place here. Another “restatement of the obvious” is that President Trump would probably have won the election by a historic landslide, except for all of this. All this is obvious to most of America and to the whole world.

Another “restatement of the obvious” is that a Marxist reconstruct politically, socially, religiously, etc. of America is now being put in place by people who have unlawfully usurped government. Brutal, mercenary, merciless thugs are ready for recruitment from the ranks of Antifa and BLM to help rogue communist ideologues in power enforce their will on the public. (Lenin’s, Stalin’s, Castro’s and other communist regimes, once they took over, even took the worse of the worse, the most coldblooded and consciousless criminals, from prisons and formed them into special cadres to arrest, torture and kill possible “troublemakers” and their family members. This is how it has always, inevitably, worked, and this is how it will be played out here under a leftist Democratic Party regime). All this is according to historically prototype in terms of how communism or some other sort of atheistic totalitarianism topples a county and a people. It’s a “restatement of the obvious” that this isn’t something that might happen – it’s something that is happening.

Thousands of illegal immigrant wanna-bes from Central America are once again on the move toward our borders, and nations throughout the world are anxious to resume the draining of American taxpayers dry with the help of paid scoundrels in political office who are busy themselves draining American taxpayers dry. Barring a miraculous intervention by God, the Bill of Rights will soon be completely scrapped. Just as Democrats have promised, forced vaccinations, gun confiscation, religious restrictions, and a long list of perverse government edict are right around the corner and just a month or two away from falling like a cluster of killer meteorites upon the American people.

Another” restatement of the obvious” involves the truth that “nothing is impossible” with God” (Luke 1:37) as long as people are “valiant for truth” (Jer. 9:3). And, now is not a time for us to concede anything or to calm down, clam up and comply with evil. It’s time to resist where we can and how we can, including our restating of the obvious over and over again as to what is happening and where we are headed. (Please share this if you can).

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