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Referring to a previous post, somebody asked: "What’s the difference between people who patronize major League sports, NASCAR, Starbucks and the Hollywood scene and people who, as a matter of Christian principle and/or patriotism boycott these things, but still use Facebook, YouTube, etc.? This is where the discernment and discrimination relative to “starts” and “stops” in the exercise of judgment (mentioned in another recent post) have to come into play. And these really need to come into play where social media is concerned.

Some of the most godless and un-American movers and shakers behind leftist agenda in this country are the social media moguls. Nevertheless, they offer, at the present time and to the general public, massive platforms for the propagation of truth and expression of dissent; and we need to take advantage of this.

Alternative pro-Christian and pro-American platforms need be used and supported, but we can't afford to neglect the opportunities for spreading our message via the big liberal, platforms The window of this opportunity is subtly and steadily being closed, and when the time is perceived to be right by Silicon Valley and Washington DC, it will be slammed shut. Until then, I think we should use these platforms without abusing them as much as we can while we can.


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