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An online ad reads, “Are you tired of losing sleep about the news you might have missed?” My answer: No, not really.

No, I don’t lose much sleep over the news, good or bad. Probably a lot more people lose sleep over news they didn’t miss than that that they might have missed. Nobody, especially Christians, ought to fret much over the news. Some of it can inform our prayer lives, it can make us be a little more prepared in some areas, etc. but that’s about it. More and more of it, probably most of it, is fake news propaganda, it’s old news by the time we get it, and there’s not much we can do to change it. So, if you’re losing sleep over the news for any reason, here’s some good advice: Stop it.

The only news anybody needs to lose sleep about is the bad news that every person ever born into this world other than Jesus Christ is under the curse of sin, without any relationship with God and on their way to an eternity that is indescribably horrible (Rom. 3:10, 23; 5:12; John 3:18; Rev. 20:15).

But there’s some news that you might have missed till now — news that ought to make you lose sleep until you’ve responded to it in a positive way. It’s the good news that God loves, you and has made a way for you to become everlastingly a part of His family and settle your eternal destiny once and for all. Check it out: John 3:16; Rom. 6:23; Rom. 19:9-13; Acts 20:21; 1 Pet. 1:3-5). (Share this if you can).


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