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Winston Churchill once quoted Alexander the Great as saying that the people of Asia were slaves because they had not learned to pronounce the word, “No.” Then Churchill said, “Let not that be the epitaph of the English speaking peoples. I say, “Let not that be the epitaph of the American people.

Americans are sliding headlong into a state of perpetual slavery because they have not learned to pronounce the word, “No.” We cannot procrastinate another day about saying “No,” to everything WOKE—to the transgender, multi-gender, gender blender advocates, to the Critical Race Theory propagandists, the LGBTQ+ mob, the Hate America First crowd, the supporters of abortion, the “You have your truth and I have my truth” loons, the politicians and the teachers who are stuffing our children’s minds with their perverted, mentally and morally toxic WOKE garbage.

Start saying a loud “No” to those who either through ignorance or intent are peddling the WOKE poison that is essential to the overthrow of our country and the enslavement of ourselves. Stop being too nice, complacent, politically correct, stupid, etc. to say “No.”

Wokeness is a sick, dirty, deadly and devilish thing. If your freedom and that of your loved ones is important to you at all, you’d better start saying “No,” right now, to people and businesses that to any degree have bought into it. Don’t miss an opportunity from now on to let them know that you consider their ideas to be an insult to your intelligence and a danger to yourself, to everyone you love, and to everything you value. (Share this if you can in any way that you can).


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