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Real friendship is one of the most essential and valuable things in life. Many people would admit, as I have heard them admit, “I don’t think that I have one real friend.” Whether this is your case or not, I want to tell you something that everyone on earth needs to know.

THERE IS A FRIEND Who has completely met the criteria for being a friend that is found in Proverbs 17:7, which tells us that “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly.” He has, in the most profoundly possible way shown Himself friendly, that He might have the friendship of others. He is the Friend of all friends to mankind, and the One above all others that “sticketh closer than a brother.”

THERE IS A FRIEND Who recognized the totality of mankind’s need for a friend like Him. When all humanity was fallen under the curse of sin, complete strangers to God, alienated from Him in their minds, and possessing not one shed of righteousness to commend them to God, He befriended us. While we were under the condemnation of, and deserving and waiting to serve the divinely decreed sentence of eternal punishment that is on sin, He befriended us.

THERE IS A FRIEND Who came to do what He didn’t have to do, but what needed to be done, and that only He could do. When there was no place for God in the mind of mankind except in the most negative of ways, He had the desperate state of mankind on His mind in the most gracious of ways.

THERE IS A FRIEND Who came has proved His friendship toward us by going out of His way to help us at great expense to Himself. He made it possible for men and women who are entirely empty of righteousness to be endued with His own perfect righteousness, and thereby able to enter into an eternal, familial, relationship with God. He has taken the guilt and penalty of sin that justly belonged to every member of the human race upon Himself and to a cruel cross where He vicariously suffered and died in order to make full restitution and redemption a reality available to us.

THERE IS A FRIEND Who was not only willing to die, but also able to resurrect Himself from the dead in order to make victory over death and the living of a dynamic and abundant life available to us. He has made union with Himself in His victory over death and the grave, a reality that may be enjoyed by all who make Him their Friend. He never leaves or forsakes any who make Him their Friend. He constantly abides with them here and advocates for them in heaven where He has a home prepared me for them.

THERE IS A FRIEND above all friends Whom millions through the ages have, one by one, have made their Friend. He has wanted every one of them to become His Friend. He wants you to receive as your Friend, and become a friend to Him too. He wants you to do it, and it is eternally important that you do it immediately, and before it is too late. Friendship with Him will never be forced or in any way coerced by Him. It is based solely upon your own choice.

THERE IS A FRIEND Who has proven His Friendship; a friendship that becomes effectual and enjoyable only to those who acknowledge their need of what He has done for them, turn from their own sinful way to Him in repentance and put their faith in Him alone as their Lord, and Savior and Friend.

WHO IS THIS FRIEND? He is the One with a name that is above every name, The One Who is “King of kings” and “Lord of lords” and the Friend above all friends. His name is Jesus. © 2022 by C. R. Curtman


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