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While reading my Bible and reflecting on the Person of God one recent morning, the following thoughts

came to mind. I jotted them down quickly, thinking hey might encourage someone else. I wonder, did it ever occur too you that . . .

A—God has never had to be made Aware of anything.

B—God has never Bewildered.

C—God has never been Confused or needed Counsel.

D—God has never Discovered anything.

E—God has never had to have anything Explained to Him.

F—God has never had to Find anything out, and He’s never been Fooled.

G—God has never found anything hard to Grasp.

H—God has never said “Huh?” and He's never had anything was too Hard for Him to Handle.

I—God has never lacked Intelligence.

J—God has never has neverJumped to a conclusion.

K—God has never Known what it means not to Know anything.

L—God has never had to Learn anything.

M— God has never had a Memory lapse or made a Mistake.

N—God has never gotten any News.

O—God has never had an Opinion.

P—God has never has never been Perplexed or Puzzled.

Q—God has never has never needed to ask a Question.

R—God has never had a Revelation.

S—God has never been Surprised or had a Senior moment.

T—God has never been Taught anything.

U—God has never lacked in Understanding, had to Unwind or been Unavailable.

V—God has never Vacillated in His judgments or decisions.

W—God has never Wondered or Worried, had to say “What?” or been Whacked out about anything.

X—God has never suffered from Xenophobia.

Y—God has never had a Yesterday or a Youth.

Z—God has never been Zoned out.


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