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We are living in unprecedentedly evil and trying times when people are having to deal with questions and take positions previously unimaginable; times it's being demanded that we accept multiple gender madness, systemic racism, white guilt, same sex marriage and the duty to hate our own country, etc. These are all part of the insanity of woke-mindedness, How we respond to all this is will reveal a lot to and about us.

The core issue is whether or not people will demonstrate their commitment to one of two things: either (1) objective truth which is based upon fact, corresponds to reality and is independent of individual bias and feeling, or (2) subjective truth which is "truth" defined as whatever an individual wants truth to be about anything at any given time.

A line is drawn in the sand. People must either stand (1) for objective truth found in the Bible which alone provides us with the spiritual and moral compass we need to live life the way it was designed to be lived or (2) embrace the crazy concept of subjective truth and descend into the godless woke madness that is destroying our foundations and destining us for a future as a society that is horrible beyond description.

America is faced with today with the age-old, fundamental and decisive questions and ultimatims: “Who is on the Lord’s side” and “How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow Him: but if Baal, then follow him;" —“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve." (Ex. 32:26; 1 Kings 18:21). Individual response to these questions has never been more relevant than it is today. We are as individually accountable to God today for our response as people have ever been, and must, as people always must, live with the consequences of our decisions.

It's during tough, trying times like these that people must choose between the truth and the lie, and that previously unrecognized truth will be revealed to and about them. (Consider sharing this and subscribing to


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