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Mr. Chen Guangcheng , a distinguished fellow at the Catholic University of America’s Center for Human Rights, recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal, ”What the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), fears most is that its own illegitimacy will be exposed.” We have a political party in power here that fears the same thing. He wrote that since the communists took over the government in 1949 China “has never held free or transparent elections, but it has subjected the population to a steady stream of state-induced trauma.” Sound familiar?

In order to stay in power, “The Chinese Communist Party, “focuses on what it calls ‘stability Maintenance’ (suppression of free speech) via a massive web of agencies tasked with stamping out the smallest inklings of political discontent.” “High-level officials, he says, ”are also leaders in propaganda or other domestic security offices.” The Chinese have spent more on “stability maintenance” in recent years than it has on its military.

“Stability maintenance” is underway and escalating in America as free speech is suppressed through the combined efforts of government agencies, mainstream media and corporate America. People are fined, fired, suspended, canceled out, and confined in jail for expressing dissent with the political and social agenda of the current regime in Washington D C.

Mr. Guangcheng spoke further about the severe response of the communist government to the desire of the Chinese people to demand their rights, and commented, “Unfortunately, U. S. leaders from both parties have given the CCP the legitimacy it craves.” Sound familiar? This is what leaders from both parties are doing here as American people are demanding their God-given rights from a communist party with different initials.


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