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Our colonial, liberty-loving, independence winning, forefathers understood the power and the influence of the boycott. They understood the stupidity and insanity of financially and psychologically empowering those involved in oppressing and enslaving them. They didn't believe it made good sense to keep feeding those who were biting them. Too bad and tragic that the vast majority of Christians and conservative don't "get" this today as corporations have united with a tyrannical government to take away our freedom and that of our children.

It's tragic and suicidal that Christians and conservatives keep buying and otherwise patronizing all the sports and entertainment, the networks and the retailers etc. who are blatantly antiChristian and antiAmerica. But they keep doing it, they're eager to do it, they spend and spend and spend helping to make these businesses and individuals more and more empowered financially and psychologically.

Our revolutionary generation said to the British and their sympathizers in the colonies, as long as you oppress us and aid and abet our oppressions, we're going to give you as little of our patronage as we possibly can; we're not going to finance the folks who want to punish us for what we are and put a dog collar of slavery on us and ours for the rest of our lives.

The Hershey company is firing everyone who refuses to take the "you know what," and trying to force them to keeps their mouths shut about why. they've lost their jobs. They are just one example among the many corporations and other big-money-makers who don't share our feelings about God and country and our freedom.

Our revolutionary ancestors stopped enriching their enemies. They liked tea but they stopped drinking it; they like British fashions and other. good, but they stopped buying it from the people who had made themselves their oppressors and their enemies. Unless we do what they did to get the liberty that they got, we can't expect to keep what we have. We can't expect to stay free while we keep feeding those who hate and oppress us for what we believe and what we are. "Shouldst thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord?" (2 Chron. 18:2). (Share this if you can).


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