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Winston Churchill once said, “Dictators ride to and fro on tigers from which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.” This is what we are seeing today in the United States of America: We have a number of petty, corrupt and criminal politicians in powerful positions at all levels of government who have made themselves virtual dictators. We have an even greater number of Leftist woke activists (still the tiny minority of the population) who are assuming, and in many cases succeeding in acquiring the practical exercise of dictatorial power over the rest of us. They now dictatorially and illegitimately tell us what to wear on our faces, what to have injected into our bodies, what nonsensical “guilt” we must confess, what we can and can’t say; who will teach what to our children, and even what sex change surgeries will be performed on them without our permission or even notification.

Between two and three hundred million “tigers” (Americans)) have been sedated though propaganda, passivity and fear to the point that they have allowed themselves to be mounted, abused at will and ridden by a relative handful of the most immoral, incompetent, irrational, ignorant and idiotic national ingrates ever to exist at any one time in any nation’s history. These people won’t, but they should, be warned by what Churchill said. And the rest of us should take a lesson from what he said before it’s too late.

The Leftist politicians and wokesters who are “riding” us hard today know that they “dare not dismount.” And they aren’t going to dismount unless they are made to dismount. They are going to continue to keep Americans (1) mentally whipped and disorientated with mind-boggling senseless "mandates," (2) in a state of intimidation, fear and panic and (3) sedated by a media that is nothing less that a Leftist propaganda mill aimed at keeping Americans unaware of the hell-on-earth future into which they are headed. Make no mistake, the goal of political and woke Left is to continue to beat and humiliate us into mindless submission with nonsensical, nonscientific “mandates” and bureaucratically decided "laws" designed to wear us down and wear us out. They are getting bolder, meaner and more and more threatening; dictating what will or won't be in terms of our faith, our families, our finances and our future.

But sedated and abused tigers have a tendency to wake up, realize what’s happening to them what the cowardly, sadistic fools who are astride their backs are doing to them and get angry. And if tigers do this before it's too late — before they have been defanged, declawed and spiritually and morally lobotomized — it will not bode well for their would-be masters. Millions of "tigers" are, in Churchill's words, "getting hungry" now — regaining their appetites for the freedom, dignity and peace that has been denied to them by savage little ideologues; the psychologically disturbed, politically dangerous little brutes that have been on their backs for far too long.

Many of between two and three hundred million “tigers” in America are waking up now, and the more informed they become of what has been done to them and is planned for them the angrier they are getting. Millions and millions more Americans need to be awakened. Between two and three hundred million Americans have been and are being subjected to a relentless carpet-bombing campaign of demoralization, disinformation and disorientation aimed at our as-soon-as-possible personal disarmament so that our final descent into irreversible state servitude can be accomplished. When and if the Second Amendment right of Americans to keep and bear arms is denied to us, all hope of retaining or regaining any of our rights will be lost forever.

Those already awake and those who are waking up need to do everything they can through social media and personal, public activism to wake up as many others as possible before it’s too late. Begin with reading and discussing articles like this with your immediate family. (Share this if you can, with as many people, in as many ways, as you can, and subscribe to


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