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Since I’ve taken a little well-intentioned criticism for it, and perhaps caused some friends to be a little confused by it, I want to explain why, for the last few years I’ve given some time and energy to addressing political and social issues online and participated in a bit of political activism otherwise. I’ll try to use an analogy to do this.

Imagine a fisherman-merchant who stays busy for decades catching fish and distributing his wares throughout the world from a ship that makes him more effective than he could ever be on any other ship or with no ship at all. Imagine that one day he discovers a leak in the bottom of this wonderful ship where the substructure has become rotten and compromised, and that he immediately diverts some of his time energy from his normal duties to do what he can to keep the ship from sinking. Wouldn’t this be a wise and commendable course of action?

American preachers, whose duty it is to be at the forefront in carrying out our Lord’s “Great Commission,” also, I think, have a duty to be at the forefront when the incomparable “ship,” the United States of America, in and from which they do their work, is in danger of being scuttled.

Ours is a nation equipped by God, as no other nation has ever been, to be a citadel for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world of fallen sinners. I don’t think it constitutes a lack of faith or a neglect of duty for preachers to do whatever they can in this hour to help save our Republic from the anti-God and anti-gospel elements that are now trying to take it over and/or sink it altogether.


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